Troubleshooting: A mobile packet sent to the field does not appear in Process Framework

On occasion, a mobile packet sent to the field may not appear in Session Manager or Workflow Manager. The issue lies with duplicate versions of the same packet.

Sometimes, when a packet is sent from the field to the enterprise, a locked duplicate is left behind. When this happens, the packet is still sent to the enterprise without any problems. A message similar to the following is written to the event log to document the orphaned packet.

        Duplicate packets exist in folder C:\3041 MobileFieldBase\

Each time the Send/Receive task is executed on the field machine, Process Framework attempts to delete all orphaned packets left behind. If it can’t delete a packet because of a lock, it creates a Duplicates folder and places the orphaned packet there.

When the enterprise user attempts to return the packet to the field and a duplicate packet ID is encountered, the duplicate packet is replaced by the packet sent from the enterprise. Because the packet doesn’t reside in the correct Transport\Incoming directory, it won’t be visible in Session Manager or Workflow Manager. To remedy, follow these steps:

  1. Move the packet from the Duplicates folder into the Transport\Incoming folder.
  2. Execute Send/Receive Mobile Data.

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