Field Descriptions

Account ID: Enter the Account ID for this WR.

First Name: Enter the customer's first name.

Last Name: Enter the customer's last name.

E-mail:Enter the customer's e-mail address.

Phone:Enter the customer's phone number.

Fax:Enter the customer's fax number.

Mobile Phone: Enter the customer's mobile phone or cell number.

Customer Address: Enter the customer's billing address. The Zip Code field validates that a five- or nine-digit number has been entered.

  • The phone, fax, and mobile phone fields are auto-formatted to (321) 555-1234 or 555-1234 if you don't include an area code. You may add an extension to a phone number. Any text (alpha/numeric) following a space after the initial 10 digits will not be formatted. If there is no space between the phone number and the extension, the number will be invalid.

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