Configure Multiple Components

Rather than being constrained to only one component per rack position, Wavepoint supports the configuration of multiple components in a single rack position.

To take advantage of this functionality, three fields must be added to the tables outlined below:

  1. WavepointLayoutMode: controls the layout of components. If this value is null, the legacy layout of sort descending is used. If a value is supplied, and a WavepointWidth is specified, that layout mode is used.
    • 0 = null or unknown
    • 1 = Cell
    • 2 = Pixel
    • 3 = Inch
    • 4 = Millimeter
  2. WavepointWidth: represents the 'size' of the component. This is scaled by a constant if the WavepointLayoutMode is 1, 3, or 4.
  3. WavepointOrder: controls the position of the component, left to right and sort ascending, within the currect rack position.

Field Model Names

Add the fields below to the F_ACTIVEDEVICE, F_DEVICE, F_PASSIVEDEVICE, and F_PATCHPANEL tables:


Field Model Name








To reverse rack numbering, one modification needs made to the Web.config file.
  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Wavepoint and open Web.config in a text editor (Notepad++ or XMLSpy).
  2. Navigate to <appsettings> and add the following:

    <add key="UseAscendingRowNumbers" value="true" />

    A setting of “true” numbers the racks from top to bottom. A setting of “false” or no value at all defaults to numbering the racks from bottom to top.
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