Install ArcGIS Server

Install ArcGIS Server on the machine from which you intend to host your map service.

IMPORTANT: Please visit myArcFM for the most up-to-date information about supported versions.

When installing ArcGIS Server, follow the prompts and accept the default settings. When you are asked to create your GIS Server Account password, be sure to remember it. This GIS Server Account password is not the same as the Server Manager password created in a later step. You can use the GIS Server Account password to later change the directory locations used by your ArcGIS Server site. To access these settings, click Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS 10.x or Server > Configure ArcGIS Server Account.

Ensure during this process the software is authorized. You do not need to authorize any extensions to use Wavepoint.

When the ArcGIS Server Manager page opens in your web browser, follow the prompts to create a new site. When asked for a username and password, keep in mind these are not the GIS Server Account credentials you created earlier. Specify a different username and password for accessing Server Manager. You use this username and password to administer this site (this single deployment of ArcGIS Server).

IMPORTANT: If your web server's firewall blocks port 6080, you should install Web Adaptor for ArcGIS Server.

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