Run the Analysis

When you click Publish, the Service Editor dialog automatically runs the Analyze procedure. However, it is a best practice to run Analyze first to correct issues prior to clicking Publish.

  1. In the Service Editor dialog, click Analyze. The Analyze procedure lists errors and warnings in a pane at the bottom of the ArcMap window.

    TIP: You might need to move or shrink the Service Editor dialog to see the list of errors and warnings.

    In addition to reviewing the Esri documentation on this tool, follow these general guidelines:

  2. Ignore the custom feature and custom class extension warnings, which refer to ArcFM itself. 
  3. Address unregistered data warnings by right-clicking on a single warning and registering the data, after which the rest of the similar warnings should disappear.
  4. Once all the errors and warnings have been addressed appropriately, click the Publish button to publish your map service to ArcGIS Server. 

    The Map Display is published to ArcGIS Server and the Map Service is started.

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