Publish the Map Service

From ArcMap, you can publish a map service to your running ArcGIS Server deployment. The map service contains the data consumed by the Wavepoint web application, which you configure in a future step.

IMPORTANT: All Fiber feature classes and object classes must be included in the published service from which Wavepoint draws its data.
  1. Log in to ArcMap/ArcFM using the .SDE connection file created above and used to register the Data Store.
  2. Organize your Fiber feature classes and tables into the map display as you would like to see them in the Wavepoint web application with the appropriate symbology, scale dependent rendering settings, and labeling.

  3. Ensure that each feature class is only included once in the Table of Contents.
  4. Ensure there are no definition queries written against any layer. Wavepoint’s access to the underlying fiber data is only through this published service, and a definition query could prevent the application from attaining necessary data.
  5. Ensure that all fields are visible in the map document. In ArcMap, you have the ability to hide fields using the Fields tab in the Properties dialog. However, this inhibit’s Wavepoint’s access to the underlying data. If the map has hidden fields, make them visible before publishing.
    TIP: You can still control field visibility using the ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog. The above note only pertains to fields that are hidden using ArcMap tools.
  6. Include the fiber object classes contained in the F_Tables in the map display being used for the published map service.

  7. Click File > Share As > Service.

  8. Click the radio button for Publish a service, then click Next.
    IMPORTANT: If you are updating an existing service, choose Overwrite an existing service instead.

  9. Choose a server connection, type a name for the service, then click Next.

  10. Use an existing folder or create a new one, then click Continue.

    The Service Editor window opens.

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