Verify Map Service Configuration

Results listed on this page are mainly driven by model names that Wavepoint looks for in the published map service. Thus, the list of tables below might not exactly match the list of tables that exist in your published service. And in the Fields section, only tables that have required model names are listed, thus, that list might not exactly match the list in your published service.

  1. Open Wavepoint using the URL
  2. In the upper, right-hand corner of the browser, click the user name.
  3. The choices vary depending on your user and authentication method:
    1. If logged in using Windows authentication or if logged in as a non-administrator with Forms authentication:

    2. If logged in as an administrator with Forms authentication:

  4. Click Verify Configuration.

Understanding Results

Examine the verification results.



Validation was successful.

An optional configuration is not set up. The application will still work, but functionality might be missing.

Validation was unsuccessful. The application will not work properly. See below for possible fixes to these configuration problems.

As an example, the following image displays portions of the validation output:

For Wavepoint to function properly, all red Xs must be corrected. Re-run the verification process to ensure issues have been resolved. Once all the Tables and Fields sections have green checkmarks, you may proceed with the next step.

Based on the location of any red Xs you see, one of the following situations is occurring:

  • Tables

    • The table is not published.

    • The table is published but is not assigned the necessary class model name.

    • The same class model name is assigned to more than one of the tables (or, more likely, multiple layers possessing the same model name were published).

  • Fields
    • The field does not exist on the table.

    • The same field model name is assigned to more than one field.

  • Relationships
    • Usually problems in this portion of the test results are resolved by fixing problems that appear in the Tables portion of the report.

  • Global IDs
    • The GlobalID field for certain tables is not published.

    • The GLOBALID field model name is missing.

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