Power Quality Meters — ION9000

ION9000 Power and Energy Meters

The web-enabled PowerLogic ION9000 is used to monitor electric distribution networks, service entrances and substations. It enables businesses to manage complex energy supply contracts that include power quality guarantees. Low-range current accuracy makes it ideal for independent power producers and cogeneration applications that require the accurate bi-directional measurement of energy. It is well suited to load curtailment, equipment monitoring and control and energy pulsing and totalization applications. Integrate it with Power Management Software applications.

ION9000 Power and Energy Meter Features

PQ compliance reporting and basic PQ analysis:

  • Monitors and logs parameters in support of international PQ standards

    • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A (test methods as per IEC 62586-2)

  • High resolution waveform capture: triggered manually or by alarm. Captured waveforms available directly from the meter via FTP in a COMTRADE format, and viewable in the meter’s web interface.

  • Generates PQ compliance reports accessible via onboard web pages:

  • Harmonic analysis:

    • THD and TDD per phase, min/max, custom alarming

    • Individual harmonic magnitudes and angles on voltage and current, up to the 63rd harmonic

  • Disturbance detection and capture: sag/swell on any current and voltage channel, alarm on disturbance event, waveform capture with per-event information

  • Patented disturbance direction detection: provides indication of the captured disturbance occurring upstream or downstream of the meter; timestamped results provided in the event log, with degree of certainty of disturbance direction

    Transient capture of events 20 microseconds or longer in duration on any voltage channel with waveform capture and per-event information

Metering precision:

  • IEC 61557-12 PMD/SD/K70/0.2 and PMD/SS/K70/0.2 3000m (performance measuring and monitoring devices (PMD))

  • Class 0.1S accuracy IEC 62053-22, ANSI C12.20 Class 0.1 (active energy)

  • Industry leading Class 0.5S accuracy for reactive energy (IEC 62053-24)

  • Cycle-by-cycle RMS measurements updated every cycle

  • Full ‘multi-utility’ WAGES metering support

  • Net metering

  • Anti-tamper protection seals and hardware metrology lock


  • Security events logging with Syslog protocol support

  • HTTPS secure protocol

  • Ability to enable or disable any communication port and any protocol per port

  • Anti-tamper protection seals and hardware metrology lock

  • User accounts with strong passwords

    Used with Schneider Electric’s advanced software tools, provides detailed PQ reporting across entire network:

  • EN 50160 compliance report

  • IEEE 519 harmonic compliance report

  • IEC 61000-4-30 report

  • Power quality compliance summary

    Energy reports for consumption analysis and cost management

  • WAGES dashboards and reports

    Display of waveforms and PQ data from all connected meters

  • Onboard web-based waveform viewer

  • EcoStruxure Power Events Analysis, including alarm management, sequency of events, and root cause analysis

Data and event logging:

  • Onboard data and event logging

  • 2 GB of standard non-volatile memory

  • No data gaps due to network outages or server downtime

  • Min/max log for standard values

  • 100 user-definable data logs, recording up to 16 parameters on a cycle-bycycle or other user definable interval

  • Continuous logging or snapshot, triggered by setpoint and stopped after defined duration

  • Trend energy, demand and other measured parameters

  • Forecasting via web pages: average, minimum and maximum for the next four hours and next four days

  • Advanced time-of-use capability

  • Security/event log: alarm conditions, metering configuration changes, power outages, firmware download, and user login/logout all timestamped to ±1 millisecond

Alarming and control:

  • 50+ definable alarms to log critical event data, trigger waveform recording, or perform control function

  • Trigger on any condition, with 1/2-cycle and 1-second response time

  • Combine alarms using Boolean logic enabling customization of alarms

  • Alarm notification via email

  • In conjunction with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure software, alarms, software alarms, and alarm frequency are categorized and trended enabling sequence of events and root cause analyses

Typical PowerLogic ION9000 Power and Energy Meter Ordering Configurations


Catalog Number

ION9000 meter, DIN mount, no display, HW kit


ION9000 meter, DIN mount, 192 mm display, B2B adapter, HW kit


ION9000 meter, DIN mount, 192 mm display, B2B adapter, HW kit, RMICAN approved


ION9000 meter, DIN mount, 192 mm display, B2B adapter, HW kit, RMICAN sealed


Remote display, color LCD, 96 x 96 mm


Remote display, color touchscreen, 192 x 192 mm


I/O module, 2 relay outputs, 6 digital inputs


I/O module, 2 analog outputs, 4 analog inputs


ION9000 meter hardware kit – plugs, terminal guards, spare grounding screw, DIN clips


RD192 remote display hardware kit


ION9000 B2B adapter


ION9000 Demo Kit


ION9000 USB cover hardware kit


ION9000 Current Input hardware kit – terminal screws, CT covers


Battery replacement kit – ION7400/ION9000/PM8000


ION7x50 Mounting Adapter Kit



  1. NOTE: Contact your local Schneider Electric representative for complete ordering information.

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