Power and Energy Meters — PM5000 Series

Series 5000 Power Meters

PM5000 Series

Power Meter

The PowerLogic PM5000 series power meters are the new benchmark in affordable, precision metering. It is the ideal fit for high-end cost management applications, providing measurement capabilities needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenant metering and sub-billing, pin-point energy savings, optimize equipment efficiency and utilization, and perform a high level assessment of the power quality in electrical networks.

All meters provide Modbus serial communications. PM5500 level meters are also capable of simultaneous ModBus TCP and BTL-certified BACnet IP communications over Ethernet.

  • Panel instrumentation (OEMs)

  • Sub-billing and cost allocation

  • Remote monitoring of an electrical installation

  • Harmonic monitoring (THD)

Series 5000 Power Meters


Catalog No.

Power Meter, Class 0.5 Serial Port


Meter, Class 0.5 Alarms TOU Serial Port


Power Meter, Class 0.5 Alarms TOU Ethernet Port


Power Meter Class 0.2 Serial Port and Dual Ethernet


Power Meter without Display Class 0.2 Serial Port and Dual Ethernet


Remote Display for METSEPM5563


Power Meter with Remote Display Class 0.2 Serial Port and Dual Ethernet



  1. METSEPM5563RD includes both METSEPM5563 and METSEPM5RD.

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