Power/Ground Modules, Ground Cords

Schneider Electric offers 208 V or 240 V modules designed to complete the control circuit of a controlled power panel.

Class 4800 / Refer to Catalog 4800CT1201

Receptacle Modules for Controlled Panels

X-ray/laser power receptacle modules provide a convenient source of power for portable X-ray and laser equipment. The receptacle provided in each module is matched to the NEMA plug configuration of the equipment with which it will be used, and is mounted behind the door on the stainless steel face plate. The door features a concealed hinge and a touch latch.

Power/Ground Modules

When both ground jacks and power receptacles are required, these UL Listed modules offer convenience and save labor in field wiring. The units include four power receptacles, four twist-to-lock ground jacks, and a ground bus with a generous number of lugs for external ground connections.

The main ground connection in the module accommodates up to a #1/0 cable. The units are completely factory wired; only field power connections and ground connections are necessary. They are furnished with Type 304, brushed stainless steel face plates.

4 Red Duplex Receptacles
and 4 Ground Jacks
4 Locking Receptacles
and 4 Ground Jacks

Hospital Ground Cords and Jacks

Schneider Electric provides hospital-grade devices for the supply and grounding of portable equipment.

  • Hospital ground cords

    • Highly flexible wire with a heavy duty lug or clip end

    • Ground cord with lug end is UL Listed (UL 467)

    • Various lengths available

Ground Cord with Lug End Ground Cord with Clip End
  • Hospital ground jacks

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