Special Features


MH38 Enclosure with 6-inch
Increased Left-side Gutter

Increased Enclosure Depth

Type 1 Enclosure[1]

8–inch depth (HC26)
12–inch depth (HC32, 42, 44-12–inch only)

Type 3R, 5, or 12 Enclosure[1]

8-inch or 12-inch depth


No other depths are available.

Increased Side Gutters (Type 1 Enclosures Only)


Available on MH enclosures (right or left) in 3, 6 and 12-inch added widths, 26-inch wide HC enclosures up to a maximum of 14 additional inches and 32-inch wide HC enclosures up to a maximum of 10 additional inches.
Not available on 42-inch wide HC enclosures.
No barrier will be supplied unless specified.
Includes one-piece trim.

Provide extended side gutters.

MH38 Enclosure with 12-inch Extended

Bottom End Gutter

and One-Piece Trim

Steel Barrier in Enclosure


The enclosure will be extended on one side only. If extension is required on both sides, contact your nearest Schneider Electric sales office for assistance.

Extended Top and Bottom End Gutters


Available for Type 1 enclosures only

Type MH Enclosures

6-inch, 12-inch, 18-inch or 24-inch extension. Includes one-piece trim.

Type, HCM Enclosures

9-inch extension. Includes standard panel trim and enclosure extension cover.

Type HCP, HCR-U Enclosures

12-inch extension. Includes standard panel trim and enclosure extension cover.

Type QMB Enclosures

38-inch W x 11.5-inch D may have a 6-inch maximum increased end gutter. This is the only QMB enclosure with an increased end gutter option. Available only with a four-piece trim.

For lengths other than those listed above, refer to the Wireway section on page 4-8.

Drip Hoods[1]

Surface-mounted-only panelboard

Special Finishes


The standard finish of the enclosure fronts is ANSI 49. The enclosures are galvanized steel.

ANSI 49 Enclosure[1]

ANSI 61 Front or Enclosure [1]

Front and Enclosure with Polyester Acrylic Powder Paint Finish

Provides increased salt spray performance in coastal areas and increased resistance to UV fading

Special or Custom Paint for Trim and/or Enclosure

Free-standing Enclosures (welded base channels) [2]

Supports extending out front and back, welded to bottom of enclosure

Hinged Trim

Special Trims

Hinged Trim [1]

Hinged Trim with Outer Door Lock


Outer door lock, must be priced with hinged trim.
For door-in-door trim, use hinged trim with outer door lock.

Stainless Steel Trim Fronts [1]

NQ 20-inch-wide flush and surface

NF flush and surface

I-Line HCM—Standard trim with door

I-Line HCP—Standard trim with door

Special Locks

Padlock Hasp

Padlock Hasp

For hasp, staple and standard lock (padlock not included)

Corbin 15767 Lock

NC38S with
Yale Lock Installed

Special Locks

On trim with a 3-point latch, special locks will be installed as a secondary latch. Special locks include Corbin 60, Corbin 15767, GE 75, Yale® 511S and Best 5L7RL2-626. For all other locks, contact your nearest Schneider Electric sales office for assistance.

Standard key change, Corbin 60, Corbin 15767 or GE 75[1]

Standard key change, Yale 511S[1]

Standard key change, Best 5L7RL2-626[1]

Quarter turn fasteners


Special locks for all HC trims and NF panelboards with three-point latches, will be installed as secondary locks. Special locks are not available on I-Line™ 42-inch and 44-inch wide panelboards or QMB type panelboards.

Many key configurations can be accommodated with our standard Square D™ brand lock. Contact your nearest Schneider Electric sales office for assistance.

Common Trim Front for Use with
Multiple-Section Panelboards Mounted Side-By-Side

Multi-Section Panels

Equal-Height Enclosures[1]

NQ, and NF

I-Line or QMB

Common Trim in Place of Two Individual Fronts[1]

Used to cover two equal-height enclosures mounted side-by-side.

Sheared on Inside Edges

Allows enclosures to be butted together.

Panel skirt framework
to be bolted to the wall.

Panel skirt bolted
in place below
an MH26 enclosure.

Panel skirt

Panel Skirt for Standard Width Panelboards [1]

Panel skirts are intended for cosmetic purposes only; they are meant to hide cables which are enclosed in conduit.
Do not use a panel skirt as a wireway; see the Wireway section below.


Panel skirts are for Type 1 surface-mounted applications with standard depth and width,
Square D™ brand enclosures only.

Panel Skirts

Skirt Length



I-Line™, QMB

 4–60 inches


61–92 inches


MH38 enclosure with
12–inch wireway and
Mono-Flat™ trim with
12–inch wireway cover.


Allows for terminating conduit in the wireway endwall. Only the cable passes through the wireway into the panelboard enclosure. Includes trim and wireway cover.


Wireway is for Type 1, surface-mounted applications with standard depth
and width, Square D™ brand enclosures only.


Wireway Length



I-Line™, QMB

 4–60 inches


61–92 inches


Panels to Fit Existing Enclosures

Panelboard interiors and special fronts can be furnished to fit existing enclosures. First, price the complete panel along with the appropriate price adder from below. Next, photocopy the Retrofit Existing Enclosure data sheet found on  Retrofit Existing Enclosure Data Sheet, record the required dimensions on the photocopy and forward it with your order to the nearest Schneider Electric sales office. For interiors requiring vented enclosures, contact your nearest Schneider Electric sales office for assistance.


Existing enclosure depth on flush installations must be measured from inside surface of enclosure to outer wall or plaster surface.

Special Fronts

Existing enclosure the same depth as or deeper than our standard.


Elevating brackets to be supplied by customer for existing enclosures deeper than our standard.

Existing enclosure shallower than our standard. Requires an enclosure extension (surface applications) or
a formed front (flush applications). A hinged trim front option is not available for these applications.


A formed front is available on NQ (225 A max.) and, NF (250 A max.). When a flush front is required for an existing enclosure that is shallower than our standard, be sure to indicate the position of the enclosure with respect to the wall in which it is mounted. This is required in order to determine whether an enclosure extension with a flat front should be supplied, or whether a flush formed front is more applicable. The interior must be centered in the enclosure and, if the enclosure is deeper than our standard, the interior must be leveled within the enclosure. The existing enclosure for NQ and, NF panels cannot be more than 3.0 inches shorter than the standard enclosure. Minimum width is 17 inches. Special trims that are manufactured to fit an existing enclosure will be within ± 0.25 inches of the specification. Refer to the table below for standard enclosure depths and for the maximum depth for which no special mounting brackets are required.

Panelboard Enclosure Depths

Panelboard Type

Enclosure Depth

Maximum Enclosure Depth for which No Special Mounting Brackets Required

NQ standard width—main lugs only

5.75 inches

 5.75 inches

NQ standard width—main circuit breaker

5.75 inches

 5.75 inches


5.75 inches

 5.75 inches

I-Line™—Maximum F, H or Q-frame branch circuit breaker

6.5 inches

 7.25 inches

I-Line—Maximum J-frame branch circuit breaker

8.25 inches

 9.0 inches

I-Line—Maximum P or R-frame branch circuit breaker

9.25 inches

10.25 inches

Space Heater


Enclosure, interior and trim ship fully assembled. 120 V is standard. Top feed applications only.
NQ and NF require 18 inches equipment space in NEMA 3R/12 constructions.
NQ and NF require 6 inch bottom end gutter in NEMA 1 construction.

Unwired (provisions for wiring to external source)

Wired (with overcurrent device, thermostat)

Special Enclosures 

I-Line Door-in-Door Enclosure


Access to Circuit Breaker Handles

Access to Wiring Gutters

Type 1 Gasketed Enclosure (gasketing between front and enclosure)

20-inch maximum panel width

Over 20-inch panel width


For 250 A and below enclosures only.

Stainless Steel Enclosure (Type 3R, 4, 4X, 5 and 12; UL Listed)


For #316 stainless steel, add 15% to the prices shown below.

NQ, and NF

For panelboard heights up to 41inches

For panelboard heights of 44–56 inches

For panelboard heights of 59–80 inches





304 stainless, standard

QMB [3]

Fiberglass Enclosures (Type 4X, Non-Vented; UL Listed)

NQ, and NF 

28-inch height

33-inch, 40-inch and 50-inch height

I-Line and QMB

Type 12 Door-In-Door Enclosures

Available Enclosures

Interior Type

Enclosure Size




NQ [4]

56 inches

20 inches

6.5 inches

NF [5]

56 inches

20 inches

6.5 inches

I-Line (HCM)

91 inches

32 inches

11.5 inches

I-Line (HCP)

68 inches

42 inches

12.7 inches

I-Line (HCP)

86 inches

42 inches

12.7 inches


  1. Feature supported by Product Selectors in Q2C and EQM.
  2. Base channels are available only for indoor applications.
  3. Not available for QMB interiors over 800 A.
  4. Not available for NQ interiors over 225 A.
  5. Not available for NF interiors over 250 A.

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