Circuit Breaker Applications

PowerPact B-Frame 3P Circuit Breaker

Industrial Control Panels

PowerPact B-frame circuit breakers are used for various circuit protection and switching functions in industrial control panels.

They serve as an incoming main circuit breaker and control panel disconnect, as branch circuit protective devices for final loads, or as feeder circuit protective devices (often combined with motor starters).

  • Suitable for use in UL508 Industrial Control Equipment.

  • In compliance with worldwide product standards including UL 489 / CSA C22.2 N° 5 and IEC 60947-2.

  • Provide overload and short-circuit protection.

  • For installation in universal and process-specific type enclosures.

Many PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker mechanical and electrical accessories are designed specifically for industrial control panel applications.

Electrical Distribution

PowerPact B-Frame 3P
I-Line Circuit Breaker

PowerPact B-frame circuit breakers are also used in electrical distribution for building applications. They can be used as incoming main circuit breakers but are more commonly applied in North American distribution equipment for outgoing feeder and branch circuit protection.

PowerPact B-frame unit-mount circuit breakers are both back-pan and DIN-rail mountable, compatible with all kinds of enclosures.

PowerPact B-frame circuit breakers are available with the unique I-Line™ plug-on connections. These group-mounted circuit breakers are featured in Square D brand Power-Style™ Switchboards and I-Line Panelboards.

A variety of PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker accessories are also well suited for electrical distribution applications.

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