Class 9421 Type L Door-Mounted Rotary Operators

Door-Mounted Rotary Operating Handle

The door mounted operator makes it possible to externally open, close and reset a circuit breaker installed in an enclosure with the enclosure door closed.

  • Provides ON (I), OFF (O), and TRIP indication.

  • The circuit breaker may be locked in the off position.

The rotary operator kits shown below consist of:

  • A mounting plate with a rotary actuator for a standard toggle circuit breaker.

  • A heavy duty handle assembly rated for Type 1, 3R, and 12 enclosures.*

  • An axial operating shaft (extension kit).

The shaft length is determined by the distance between the back of the circuit breaker and the door:

  • Minimum mounting depth is 138 mm (5.5 in.).

  • Maximum mounting depth is 273 mm (10.75 in.) with standard shaft.

  • Maximum mounting depth is 543 mm (21.3 in.) with long shaft.

The extended rotary handle is compatible with 2 and 3-pole circuit breakers.

Door-Mounted Extended Rotary Operating Handle


Catalog Number

Kit Contents

Operating Mechanism

Extension Kit

Operating Handle

Standard Shaft / Standard Handle


Long Shaft / Standard Handle


Long Shaft / Short Handle


Mechanism Only


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