Degree of protection (IP) IEC 60529

Defines device protection against the penetration of solid objects and liquids, using two digits specified in standard IEC 60259. Each digit corresponds to a level of protection, where 0 indicates no protection.
  • First digit (0 to 6): protection against penetration of solid foreign objects. 1 corresponds to protection against objects with a diameter > 50 mm, 6 corresponds to total protection against dust.

  • Second digit (0 to 8): protection against penetration of liquids (water). 1 corresponds to protection against falling drops of water (condensation), 8 corresponds to continuous immersion.

The enclosure of PowerPact circuit breakers provides a minimum of IP40 (protection against objects > 1 mm) and can reach IP56 (protection against dust and powerful water jets) depending on the installation conditions.

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