Direct Rotary Handles

Directly Mounted Rotary Handle.


The direct mounted rotary handle is mounted to the circuit breaker’s front accessory cover by three screws. The handle is compatible with 3- and 4-pole unit-mount circuit breakers.


The direct rotary handle maintains:

  • suitability for isolation

  • indication of the three positions: OFF (O), ON (I) and tripped (Trip)

  • access to the “push-to-trip” button

  • visibility of the trip unit.

Rotary Handle


Factory-Installed Sufix

Field-Installable Catalog Number

Direct Rotary Handle

Standard black handle



Red handle on yellow bezel



Padlocking Direct Rotary Handle

Device Padlocking

The circuit breaker may be locked in the OFF position by using one to three padlocks (not supplied) or in the ON position after customer modification of the rotary handle before installation, padlock shackle Ø4–8 mm (3/16–5/16 in.). Locking in the ON position does not prevent the circuit breaker from tripping if an overload or short circuit condition occurs. In this case, the handle remains in the ON position after the circuit breaker trips. Unlocking is required for the handle to go to the tripped position then the OFF position to reset the circuit breaker.

Variations: Door Locking

Door locking built-in functionality can be activated by the customer to prevent opening the door when the circuit breaker is ON or in trip position. For exceptional situations, door locking can be temporarily bypassed with a tool by qualified personel to open the door when the circuit breaker is closed.


  • Standard with black handle.

  • VDE type with red handle and yellow bezel for machine tool control.


  • The direct-mounted rotary operating handle is UL Listed under file E103955 and CSA Certified under file 177007.

  • Degree of protection IP40, IK07.

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