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Green Premium is the only label that allows you to effectively develop and promote an environmental policy whilst preserving your business efficiency. This ecolabel guarantees compliance with the most up-to-date environmental regulations, but it does more than this.

Over 75% of Schneider Electric manufactured products have been awarded the Green Premium ecolabel

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Schneider Electric’s Green Premium ecolabel is committed to offering transparency, by disclosing extensive and reliable information related to the environmental impact of its products:


Schneider Electric products are subject to RoHS requirements at a worldwide level, even for the many products that are not required to comply with the terms of the regulation. Compliance certificates are available for products that fulfil the criteria of this European initiative, which aims to eliminate hazardous substances.


Schneider Electric applies the strict REACh regulation on its products at a worldwide level, and discloses extensive information concerning the presence of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) in all of these products.

PEP: Product Environmental Profile

Schneider Electric publishes the most complete set of environmental data, including carbon footprint and energy consumption data for each of the lifecycle phases on all of its products, in compliance with the ISO 14025 PEP ecopassport program. PEP is especially useful for monitoring, controlling, saving energy, and/or reducing carbon emissions.

EoLI: End of Life Instructions

Available at the click of a button, these instructions provide:

Recyclability rates for Schneider Electric products.

Guidance to mitigate personnel hazards during the dismantling of products and before recycling operations.

Parts identification for recycling or for selective treatment, to mitigate environmental hazards/ incompatibility with standard recycling processes.

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