Special Ratings

The B-frame circuit breaker complies with the following special ratings:

  • HACR rating

  • SWD switch duty rating
    (applies only to 15 A and 20 A; 347 Vac or less; 1P, 2P and 3P)

  • HID high intensity discharge lighting rating
    (15–30 A; 347 Vac or less; 1P*)

  • Automatic Molded case Switches are rated 600 Vac Delta (refer to switch table 125 A PowerPact B-Frame Switches)
  • 100% Ratings (Optional)

    B-frame 15–60 A circuit breakers are UL Listed/CSA Certified to be applied at up to 100% of their current rating. Because of the additional heat generated, the use of specially-designed enclosure and 194°F (90°C) rated wire is required when applying circuit breakers at 100% of continuous current rating. Markings on the circuit breaker indicate the minimum enclosure size and ventilation required. The 194°F (90°C) rated wire must be sized according to the ampacities of the 165°F (75°C) wire column in the NEC. Circuit breakers with 100% rating can also be used in applications requiring only standard (80%) continuous loading.

  • Grounded B-Phase Systems (Corner-Grounded Delta)

    Circuit breakers suitable for 240 Vac corner-grounded circuits are marked Ø1-Ø3.

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