Suitability for isolation

This capability means that the circuit breaker meets the conditions below.
  • In the open position, it must withstand, without flashover between the upstream and downstream contacts, the impulse voltage specified by the standard as a function of the Uimp indicated on the device.

  • It must indicate contact position by one or more of the following systems:

    • position of the operating handle

    • separate mechanical indicator

    • visible break of the moving contacts

  • Leakage current between each pole, with the contacts open, at a test voltage of 1.1 x the rated operating voltage, must not exceed:

    • 0.5 mA per pole for new devices

    • 2 mA per pole for devices already subjected to normal switching operations

    • 6 mA, the maximum value that must never be exceeded.

  • It must not be possible to install padlocks unless the contacts are open. Locking in the closed position is permissible for special applications. PowerPact complies with this requirement by positive contact indication.

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