Multiple Types of Power Connections

All lugs are UL Listed / CSA Certified for their proper application and marked for use with copper and aluminum (Cu/Al) or copper only (Cu) conductors.

All lug options are field installable. No matter which lugs are on the product, they can be removed and replaced by any of the lugs available:

Available Power Connections

  • Standard EverLink Lug

  • EverLink Lug with Control Wire Terminal

  • Mechanical Lugs

    • Copper/Aluminum

    • Copper only

  • Compression Lugs

    • Copper/Aluminum

    • Copper only

  • Bus Bars

  • Power Distribution Connectors

  • Terminal Spreaders

Unit-Mount Circuit Breakers

Unit-mount circuit breakers are delivered with EverLink™ lugs on the line side and load side as standard for the "L" construction. EverLink with control wire terminals can be substituted, as well as aluminum or copper mechanical lugs, and terminal nuts (for compression lugs, power distribution connectors, busbar connection kits and terminal spreaders). See Terminal Nut Connectors.

I-Line Circuit Breakers

I-Line circuit breakers come with shrouded I-Line plug-on jaws permanently attached on the line side. Standard load side lugs are aluminum mechanical lugs. Optional load side connections include copper mechanical lugs, EverLink™ lugs with control wire terminals, or terminal nuts to connect to bus bars or to compression (crimp) lugs.

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