Bus Coupler Firmware Update Procedure

The bus coupler firmware can be updated by using the Device Type Manager (DTM) library or micro SD card. For procedure to update the bus coupler firmware using micro SD card, refer to TeSys island – Operating Guide.

Perform the below procedure to update the bus coupler firmware using DTM library:

  1. Update the TeSys island DTM library to version 2.3.0.

  2. Click Load from Device on SoMove (FDT container) to connect the DTM library with TeSys island system.

  3. Perform the firmware update via DTM library.

  4. Disconnect the TeSys island system.

    NOTE: Power cycle the bus coupler to apply the firmware update.
  5. Click Store to Device on SoMove to connect with TeSys island system.


    • The new DTM library version is configured to the bus coupler.

    • The system is ready to operate with the latest firmware and DTM library.

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