Version 003.000.001

NOTE: If firmware upgrade is to be done from 001.100.013/002.100.016 to 003.000.001, then it has to be performed twice:
  1. Perform an upgrade from 001.100.013/002.100.016 to 002.200.008/002.300.006.

  2. Perform an upgrade from 002.200.008/002.300.006 to 003.000.001.

New Features

  • IO Optimization

    IO Optimization feature allows users to share their I/O devices between different avatars and optimize them to reduce the number of I/O devices required per TeSys island .

    User may also utilize Device Optimization feature which will permanently remove free AIOM/DIOM devices from the TeSys island configuration.

  • Local Control

    Local control functionality is extended to the safe category avatars .

  • Local Trip Reset

    Introduces the functionality to reset the trips locally at individual avatar level. Resetting trips at TeSys island level through remote is still available through the control panel as before.

  • Firmware version

    Firmware version for the bus coupler is matched with SEDP package version.

Bugs Fixed

  • Local mode status has not worked for Conveyor One Direction - SIL Stop, W. Cat 1/2 and Conveyor Two Directions - SIL Stop, W. Cat 1/2.

  • Load from Device does not work when there are more than 16 SIL starters in the configuration.

Known Issues

  • If analog input type is different from analog output type and when analog input is connected to analog output, avatar device event happens.

    Workaround: Use same type of analog input and analog output.

  • AIOM output value not matching with analog input value, when I/O is looped and output type is selected as (4...20) mA.

    Workaround: Use output type as 0...20 mA instead of 4...20 mA.

  • This release is not applicable for SIL starters.

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