Version 002.200.008

New Features

  • Option Local Control Mode which includes Process Variable (PV) switches or inputs, Manual Mode Override, and Bypass mode is added through Digital I/O Module (DIOM) to six load avatars .

  • Function block libraries are updated for the EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert software.

  • Custom avatar function is added to save the configurations of customized avatar for re-use in individual DTM libraries.

  • Factory Reset command is added to reset the TeSys island module in any of its operational state.

  • Dynamic Port Mapping guide is added to ease the wiring of digital and analog I/O modules in DTM and OMT.

  • IP Allowlisting is enabled for Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP traffic.

  • Predictive Alarms (PA) are added to associate process variable with an alarm signal to send a text-based alert.

  • New heartbeat 1098 register is integrated for manual Modbus TCP protocol (communication loss).

Bugs Fixed

  • PROFIBUS Node ID set in the DTM was not registered in bus coupler.

  • Upstream voltage function was not calibrated by the voltage setting for the TeSys avatar in the DTM. This calibration would prevent the false positives when an upstream circuit breaker is open.

  • Enhanced security features of webserver.

Known Issues


Comment or Workaround

Achilles certification is not applicable for the firmware version 002.200.008.

Previous firmware version with Achilles certification is available. There are no substantive changes affecting the Achilles performance in the firmware version, just the certification process was not run.

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Binary as PV input

PTC Binary does not function properly when configured as the input type for a PV input.

Use only true analog signals for PV inputs and PTC Binary for Motor Overheat Protection.

Mismatch General Station Description (GSD) file

Bus coupler ( TPRBCPFB ) goes into non-operational state due to mismatch of GSD file versions.

Recover the bus coupler with power cycle and update the TIA portal with the latest GSD file.

MAC address

No MAC address printed on the face of bus coupler ( TPRBCPFB ).

MAC address can be located on sticker on the back of bus coupler or can be accessed through network discovery.

Bus coupler goes into minor event (non-operational) state if firmware download process is interrupted by communication loss with PC.

Use only SoMove software to download firmware.

If the device is unresponsive due to the communication loss during firmware update, then a power cycle will reset the bus coupler and firmware download can be attempted again.

Undercurrent alarm occurs when motor is turned off.

When motor is turned off, this results in an undercurrent alarm if the alarm is enabled. Thus the undercurrent alarm counter will be higher than expected.

Opening the OMT through Google Chrome browser on iPad device does not download the system logs.

NOTE: This issue is known issue for Apple iOS.

Use different platforms such as iPhone, PC, and so on to open the OMT.

If network name is changed after boot, the network name used in DPWS response is not updated until power cycle.

Power cycle will fix.

NOTE: The updated network name is used in all other protocols (namely DHCP) immediately. The DPWS is the only affected protocol.
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