Version 003.000.002

NOTE: If firmware upgrade is to be done from 001.100.013/002.100.016 to 003.000.002, then it has to be performed twice:
  1. Perform an upgrade from 001.100.013/002.100.016 to 002.200.008/002.300.006.

  2. Perform an upgrade from 002.200.008/002.300.006 to 003.000.002.

New Features

  • Power Interface With IO avatar in IO Optimization

    IO Optimization feature allows users to share their I/O devices between different avatars and optimize them to reduce the number of I/O devices required per TeSys island .

    User may also utilize Device Optimization feature which will permanently remove free AIOM/DIOM devices from the TeSys island configuration.

  • FLA can be configured through Modbus TCP registers.

NOTE: The default I/O ports assigned for PIM with I/O avatar cannot be removed or optimized.

Bugs Fixed

When the emergency push button is pressed, all of the modules will not have power in TeSys island .

Known Issues

  •  In IO PORT ASSSIGNMENT, if analog input type is different from analog output type and when analog input is connected to analog output, avatar device event occurs.

    Workaround: Use same type of analog input and analog output.

  • Communication cannot be established between Ecostruxure Control Expert and TeSys island , if there are 15 or more avatars in an TeSys island configuration.

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