About Airzone and Wiser System

IMPORTANT: Airzone is applicable only for customers in France and Spain.

Airzone is a zoning system for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) used in buildings that regulate the indoor temperature to ensure comfort. The system works by circulating air at a temperature adjusted from the outside. Heating and cooling components are used to regulate temperatures, ensuring that the indoor environment is comfortable.
Airzone systems are connected to the HVAC system, allowing heated and cooled air to move through the building and back through the unit. It allows for independent control of temperature and airflow in different areas or zones of a building. You can set different temperature preferences for various rooms based on your needs. Thus, energy is used only in the occupied zones, which saves energy and reduces costs.
Wiser Home app helps connect the existing Airzone systems to a Wiser Home system (Hub) over Wi-Fi® to control Airzone devices. Using the Wiser Home app you can control the temperature in your building based on your needs.


  • Provides temperature readings, setpoints and control of various operating modes such as fan only, dry, and OFF easily accessible from the Wiser Home app.

  • You can create schedules using Wiser Home app to manage the heating and cooling of many rooms with an Airzone device.

  • Optimize your energy consumption by adding a window / door sensor or a motion sensor per room.

  • For more information on Wiser, please refer to Wiser System - France or Wiser System - Spain as per your country.


  • Single interface for managing the smart home system.

  • Wiser enables energy management system capabilities like optimizing AC according to energy tariffs and making the best use of energy produced by photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Aidoo Pro Wi-Fi

IMPORTANT: Aidoo Pro Wi-Fi is applicable only for customers in Spain.

Aidoo Pro Wi-Fi (hereinafter referred as Aidoo) is a solution that lets you control individual AC units through the Wiser Home app. You can connect one Aidoo device to each AC unit (split, cassette, ducted) and control multiple Aidoo devices at the same time using the Wiser Home app.

  • Advanced remote for the Wi-Fi® control of your air conditioning via the Wiser Home app.

  • It connects to the air conditioning unit via cable to prevent communication failures and unintended activations.

  • It maintains the inverter functionality and efficiency levels in your HVAC system. Aidoo communicates with your AC unit using the manufacturer’s protocol.

  • Bidirectional communication: more reliable AC control.

    NOTE: A specific Aidoo Pro Wi-Fi device must be used for each Heat pump brand. Example, an Aidoo Pro Panasonic is required for a Panasonic AC system.

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