DUG_Push-button Module, 1-gang/2-gang_WH-04

About the device

The Connected push-button module, 1-gang/2-gang (hereinafter referred to as a Push-button module) allows you to carry out various functions, depending on the insert, such as switching, dimming and controlling the shutter. The Push-button module can be connected to the Wiser Hub 2nd Generation.

The Push-button module can be completed with:

Features of a push-button module

  • The Push-button module supports functionality such as switching, dimming and shutter control.

  • With the Wiser app, you can combine the settings of one or more devices to form a Moment or an Automation.

  • You can create a schedule for the various device functions in an easy manner as per your specific requirements for comfort and convenience.

1-gang, combination of:

  1. Insert

  2. Frame

  3. Push-button module

  4. Rocker

TIP: 1-gang switch shown above with 1-channel insert, 1-gang push-button module, 1-gang rocker and frame, for 2-gang switch choose 2-channel insert, 2-gang push-button module, 2-gang rockers, and it’s frame.
  • This device user guide shows pairing, configuration and other features of the 1-gang switch, dimmer, and shutter or blind control. The same can be done for the 2-gang supported device.

  • The 1 gang push-button module can only be combined with 1 gang insert, and 2-gang push-button module only with 2 gang insert. No combination of 1 gang push-button module with 2 gang insert.

Control options

Home control using Wiser Home app: To control the push button module through the Wiser app you will need the Wiser Hub. Refer to Pairing the device.

Direct operation: The blind control switch can always be controlled directly on-site. You can also connect it with mechanical double push-buttons. Refer to Manual operation.

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