DUG_Wiser Plug_WH-05

Creating a Schedule

The Plug can be controlled and triggered by a schedule. Once the schedule is set, your system will follow the active schedule. You can create or modify the schedules at any time.

To create a schedule:

  1. On the Home page, tap > Schedules > .

  2. Enter a name of the schedule (A).

  3. Select a device type (B).

  4. Select the list of devices (C) to which the schedule must apply.

  5. Tap Create.

  6. Tap to add an event.

  7. Select a state (On/Off) (D), time period (E) and tap Set.

    • You can add multiple schedules based on your requirement. Select days, tap , set on/off state and time.

    • You can copy the existing schedule to another schedule or to the days of your choice. Tap .

      • Tap Schedule and select an existing schedule and tap Copy.

      • Tap Day and select the days you want to assign and tap Copy.

Enabling a Schedule

To follow the schedule for the Plug:

  1. Go to the Home page, tap All devices or a room tab where the Plug is located.

  2. Tap Follow schedule toggle switch to turn on/off Schedule.

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