Pairing the main device

To pair the main device:
  1. On the Home page, tap  .
  2. Tap Devices >  >  Energy.
  3. Select PowerTag Energy (A).
    NOTE: Only the Energy tab is available to users in the Nordics and Belgium.
  4. The Device Discovery page will search for a minute to display the available PowerTag.
  5. If there is more than one PowerTag available, select one among them (B).
  6. On the Device Configuration page, tap Identify to recognize the main PowerTag. This will be the Grid PowerTag measuring the main incomer.
    A notification window is prompted and the status LED flashes fast in green on the PowerTag.

  7. Tap OK on the notification window when you have finished identifying the PowerTag.
  8. Tap (C) to assign a label to the main PowerTag.
    The label list appears on the Type page.
  9. Select a label type (D) and tap Save (E).
    NOTE: It is recommended to select the Grid type to represent the main PowerTag.
    Once the Grid type is selected, by default the Name is assigned as Main Incomer.
  10. Tap (F) and select Yes/No if you have solar panels installed.
    The power direction will be enabled automatically (H).
  11. Set the Grid Limit (G).
    NOTE: Grid limit is the maximum permissible power on the Grid on your contract. It will help to prevent power tripping by shutting down loads in order to keep the power consumption under a defined limit. By default, the grid limit is set to measure in kVA.

    Select your grid limit (kVA/A/kW) from the dropdown menu, then tap and enter a value using the dial pad as per your country. The following table displays the default values within the range:


    Default Value



    36 kVA

    1–42 kVA


    60 A

    15–160 A


    15 kW

    1–42 kW


    40 A

    15–160 A


    20 A

    16–63 A


    25 A

    25–35 A

    IMPORTANT: You cannot enter a value that is greater or less than the specified range.
  12. Enable the Reverse Direction toggle switch (I), if the power direction is from Home to Grid.
    IMPORTANT: Enabling Reverse Direction ensures the power direction is correct.
  13. Tap Save (J).
  14. You will be notified to enter the tariff after the PowerTag is commissioned, refer to Setting Tariff.
    NOTE: If you have already configured your tariff, you will be directed to Home page to view the status of device.
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