Configuring - (peak/off-peak) rate

To set peak rate:
  1. After reading the Tariff onboarding information. On the Tariff screen, tap Electricity.
    • If you have already configured your tariff settings, follow this menu navigation to if you need to make changes:

    • On the Home page, tap Tariff > Electricity.

  2. Tap (A) and select Time of use (peak /off-peak hours).
    IMPORTANT: Contract limit is already set when pairing the main PowerTag as Grid. Refer to Pairing the main device. If you like to change the contract limit, proceed to step 3.
  3. Tap (B) to set the contract limit.
    1. Select your contract limit (kVA/A/kW) from the dropdown menu, then tap and enter a value using the dial pad as per your country.

      A notification window will be prompted that the Contract Limit is used by Anti-Tripping Management algorithm. If set incorrectly it may not work as expected and could result in the power tripping.

      IMPORTANT: Anti-Tripping is applicable only if you have installed Water Heater/EV Socket/Schneider Charge/EVlink Home Smart in your home.
      For more details, refer to Anti-Tripping (Add Link).

    2. Tap Continue, if you like to proceed.
  4. Tap (C) and select a Fixed Charges type (refers to recurrent fee) -Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily.
  5. Enter a fixed charge value in the Cost (€) field and tap Set.
    NOTE: The Fixed Charges is applied to recover the basic cost of electric service, independent of how much energy is used. These charges are electricity costs that don't change no matter how much electricity you use. This amount is fixed in your electricity bills.
  6. Tap (D), enter peak rate of consumption in the Rate - €/kWh field and tap Update.
  7. Tap Add a rate.
  8. Enter the name of the rate in the text field (E).
  9. Enter a target value in the Rate - €/kWh field (F) and tap Add (G).
    NOTE: Maximum 5 additional rates can be added.
  10. Tap Add a Schedule (H) to set the time frame.
  11. Enter a schedule name in the NAME field. Example, Weekend tariff.
  12. Select the days of the week in DAYS field to apply the schedule.
  13. Tap to set Start time and Finish time.
  14. Tap and select a RATE TYPE.
    IMPORTANT: It is necessary to set off-peak hours for each day per schedule (I) else you will not be able to save your tariff details.
  15. Tap Add and then tap Save.
    TIP: You can create multiple schedules by tapping Add a schedule.
    NOTE: Avoid assigning the same date and time to more than one schedule to avoid conflicts.
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