DUG_Wiser Plug_WH-05

About the device

The Wiser Smart Plug (hereinafter referred to as Plug) is a push button switch that allows you to turn your electrical appliances ON and OFF from the Wiser Home App. It provides power to the electrical appliance connected to it. The Plug will work in any wall socket when it is Plugged into. The wall socket needs to be switched on for it to function.

The Plug acts as a Radio Frequency (RF) signal range extender to control your electrical appliances remotely. It has a built-in RF signal range extender to enable connectivity to devices further away from the Wiser Hub.

Advantage of using the Plug:

  • Configure several time schedules to switch on/off the Plug.

  • Set notification to alarm when power consumption (high or low).

Features of the Plug:

  • Mobile or manual control anytime, anywhere with the Wiser app

  • Works with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Siri

Diagram of operating elements

A. On/Off button

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