DUG_Water Leakage Sensor_WH-02

Pairing the device

Using the Wiser Home app, pair your sensor with the Wiser Hub.
To pair the sensor:
  1. On the Home page, tap .
  2. Tap Devices > > Safety and Security.
  3. Tap Water Leakage Sensor > Next .
    The next screen shows the progress of the joining.
  4. Short press the function key 3 times (< 0.5 s).

    The LED blinks amber.

  5. Wait for a few seconds until the sensor LED turns green.
    TIP: The stable green LED on the sensor shows that it is successfully connected to the Wiser Hub.

    You will see Device joined at the bottom of the screen once the sensor has been successfully connected to the Wiser Hub.


  6. Tap Next to enter the sensor name.
  7. Tap Next to assign sensor location and then tap Submit.
    TIP: You can find the paired sensor name and its location on the All or Room tab on the Home page.
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