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Date Code System

Current Date Code System

Merchandised distribution equipment and molded case circuit breakers are date coded to identify the time of manufacture. This code is useful in tracing equipment having design changes and in pinpointing areas and assembly periods. The date code is placed separately or hand-stamped directly onto the device, and should not be confused with label numbers or other identifying information.

IMPORTANT: Always obtain the date code when investigating a complaint on any device.

The date code system shown below was implemented the first week of August, 1996 (beginning with 06341). The first two characters denote the year of manufacture, while the second two characters indicate the week of the year. The fifth character indicates the day of the week, like so: 1 = Monday ending with 7 = Sunday. Dual function circuit breakers also had a sixth character added to the end of the date code (letter “H") but on January 1, 2017, this sixth character was dropped, and the date code for the dual function circuit breakers went back to five characters.

Example: PowerPact™ JG 250 Circuit Breaker dated 18071 = 2018, February 12, Monday.   Example: EHB14050EPD2100
Equipment Protection Device
03435 = 2003, October 24, Friday.
Example: PowerPact™ QBL32250 Circuit Breaker dated 09503 = 2009, December 8, Wednesday.   Example: Miniature Circuit Breaker HOM115CAFI (stamped near handle of device)
0825 = 2008, week 25 (June 16–22). There is no specific number listed for the day of the week.

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