ArcFM Properties Manager

Use the Properties Manager to add, assign, and change model names and autoupdaters. It is the key to configuring ArcFM components such as Feeder Manager and Conduit Manager. Model names and autoupdaters automate crucial editing tasks at the onset of specific events. An example is splitting a complex edge when a device feature is connected to it. For users to access the ArcFM Properties Manager, you must have an Object Class Model Name Domain and a Field Model Name Domain in your geodatabase. These domains also require at least one value. Model name domains used in the Minerville sample data are described in the Appendix.

The ArcFM Properties Manager also lets administrators configure the appearance and behavior of feature attribute fields. You can change (at the feature class or subtype level) whether an attribute field is visible or editable, its position on the Attribute Editor, whether it resets to Null after the feature is created, whether it allows mass attribute updates, and whether it is a CU-defining field (if Designer is licensed). Custom autoupdaters can also be assigned to fields and objects. For more information about building custom COM objects, see ArcFM Solution Developer Help.

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