Install the Internal Backfeed Kit for UL (GVLOPT003) in a Dual Mains System

NOTE: Install the backfeed kit in the UPS before the power cables are installed in the UPS. Follow the UPS installation manual on how to prepare for installation.
  1. Remove the transparent plastic protectors from the busbars. Save for reinstallation.
  2. Remove the plastic box. Save for reinstallation.
  3. Remove the bypass busbars and the single mains busbars. Save the busbars.
  4. Cut away the K zone parts and the H zone parts on the plastic box. After cutting, the plastic box will be in two pieces.
  5. Install the backfeed kit frame and the two plastic box pieces. Connect the small bracket from the backfeed kit frame to the corner pillar of the UPS. Use the provided M6x16 screws and M6 nuts.
  6. Install the three backfeed kit busbars and the three bypass busbars on the backfeed kit frame and connect to the busbars in the UPS. The bypass busbars were removed from the UPS in step 3.

    Rear View

  7. Follow the UPS installation manual to connect the power cables. Note that the bypass busbars are now located on the backfeed kit assembly.
  8. Install the circuit breaker and the service measurement boards on the backfeed kit frame assembly with the provided M6x16 screws.
  9. Disconnect the preconnected signal cables from the measurement boards on the side of the static bypass switch. Connect the signal cables to the new service measurement boards on the backfeed breaker. The signal cables will make a click when connected properly.
  10. Remove the system level controller and disconnect the preconnected signal cables 0W13234 and 0W13276 from board 0P4828.
  11. Connect the provided signal cable 0W13274 to the signal cables 0W13234 and 0W13276. Reinstall the system level controller and fasten with the three screws.
  12. Remove the front cover from the backfeed breaker.
  13. Connect the two wires in the signal cable 0W13274 labeled BF_AUX to terminal 1 and 4 on the AUX contact (normally open NO) in the backfeed breaker. The position of the AUX contact is marked with an (A) in the illustration.
  14. Connect the wires labeled BF_Coil_+ in 0W13274 to the C2 terminal in the backfeed breaker. Connect the wires in 0W13274 labeled BF_Coil_- to the C1 terminal in the backfeed breaker. The terminals for the shunt trip coil are marked with a (B) in the illustration.
  15. Reinstall the front cover on the backfeed breaker.
  16. Reinstall the transparent plastic protectors in the original position. The transparent plastic protectors were removed in step 1.
    Risk of electric shock
    The transparent plastic protectors must be reinstalled in the original position.
    Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or equipment damage.
  17. Remove the plate in front of the backfeed breaker from the inner door of the UPS. Install the replacement plate 870-65048 provided in the kit.
  18. Place label 885-91965 (provided with the UPS) on the front of the inner door of the UPS near the backfeed breaker.
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