Option 1 (recommended): Upgrade firmware using ZIP file

In addition to device firmware upgrades using individual files such as UPG, BIN and S19 file formats, ION Setup also supports sequential device upgrades using a packaged ZIP file. This is the preferred method of upgrading your meter to firmware v2.1.0.
  1. Start ION Setup and connect to your meter.
  2. Open Setup Assistant and navigate to Template > Upgrade.
  3. Click Upgrade and navigate to the saved upgrade ZIP file.
  4. Select the upgrade ZIP file and click Open. The Compressed Device Upgrade Package window displays the updates to be installed in the order listed.
    NOTE: Click the View What’s New PDF link if you want to open and read the document outlining the new and changed features related with the firmware upgrade.
  5. Select the components you want to upgrade. For example:
    • PM8000 firmware V2.1.0 package contains three updates to be applied in the order listed.

      1. V001.088.000.upg

      2. V002.001.000.upx

      3. UpgradeAgent_V002.001.000.upx

    • Factory V2.1.0 template is the meter template that is programmed to the meter after the firmware upgrade is complete.

    • Factory V2.1.0 web pages are the files to be uploaded to the meter’s web ftp folder, to update the meter webpages with firmware-related changes.

    • PM89RD96 remote display firmware is for DIN rail-mounted meters only. This firmware updates the connected 96 x 96 mm remote display, to make it compatible with the meter with upgraded firmware v2.1.0.

      Number of updates column displays whether the patch will be applied or not. To apply the rmdupg_rd96s_001.000.000_patch.bin file, right-click RD96 remote display V4.0.10 firmware and ensure Apply Patch is selected. Right-click to toggle between selected (2 updates) and cleared (1 update).

  6. Select the desired settings and readings to be retained
  7. Click OK. Click Proceed to start the upgrade process. Do not interrupt the process until all the selected components have been upgraded.
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