QR code feature enhancements

The Meter Insights QR code feature, used to access meter data by scanning a QR code, has a number of enhancements.

You can now enable and disable the QR code feature. The feature is disabled by default, and the QR code screens are empty until you enable the feature.

A new QR code has been added, allowing you to access the following values since the last min/max reset:

  • minimum and maximum for average voltage and current,

  • minimum power factor,

  • maximum voltage and current unbalance.

In addition, it provides the timestamp of the last min/max reset. After scanning the QR code on your mobile device, you can view the information on the Meter Insights website.

See the Meter Insights QR code feature quick start guide, available from www.schneider-electric.com , for more information on using the QR code feature and the Meter Insights website.

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