Accessory Dimensional Drawings

Accessory Dimensions

IFE Ethernet Interface


IO (Input/Output) Application Module


IFM Modbus-SL Interface


FDM121 Switchboard Display Dimensions


FDM121 Switchboard Display Mounting Through Panel


FDM121 Switchboard Display Mounting On Panel


FDM128 Switchboard Display Dimensions


FDM128 Switchboard Display Mounting on Panel


MasterPact NT and NW Circuit Breaker Communication

A FDM121 (TRV00121)   E IO module (LV434063)   I ULP termination (TRV00880)   M NSX cord
B IFE module master (LV434011   F MasterPact NT/NW circuit breaker   J FDM128 (LV434128)      
C IFE module (LV434010)   G PowerPact P/R circuit breaker   K ULP cable      
D IFM module (TRV00210)   H PowerPact H/J/L circuit breaker   L Circuit breaker ULP cord      

Fixed MasterPact NT and NW Connection to the Communication Interface Module

Drawout MasterPact NT and NW Connection to the IO and Communication Interface Module

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