Install the IP31 Kit on a 500-600 kVA UPS

NOTE: This procedure describes installing the IP31 kit after power cabling and signal cabling is completed. Rear access is required to install the IP31 kit on the UPS.
  1. Follow the UPS installation manual to install the UPS.
  2. Remove the rear panels.
  3. Install the provided rear panels from the kit with M6 screws.
  4. Install the gutters 410-9533 (x2) and the supporting pillars 410-9532 (x4) on the top cover with M6 screws. All parts provided in the kit.
  5. Install the top cover assembly with M6 screws.
    NOTE: The gutters should be positioned to pitch down from the front of the UPS, diverting water to the rear of the UPS.
  6. Route the cables as shown to avoid water running along the cable into the top opening of the UPS.
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