Configuring Modbus parameters

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Modbus.

    The Modbus screen displays.

  2. Modify the parameters value as per the following table:
    NOTE: Use the contextual menu buttons to modify the parameters value.
    Parameter Allowed Values Default Value Description
    Address 1...247 1 Select the required Modbus address.
    Auto Config
    • ON

    • OFF

    • Select ON to activate Modbus communication with different baud rate or parity.

    • Select OFF to disable this feature.

    NOTE: If you select ON, the parameters Baudrate and Parity are disabled.
    • 4800

    • 9600

    • 19200

    • 38400

    19200 Select the required baud rate.
    • Even

    • Odd

    • None

    Even Select the required parity.
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