Flagging concept

During a voltage dip, swell, or interruption, measurements of other power quality parameters may produce unreliable results.

The flagging concept avoids counting a single event more than once in different parameters, for example, counting a single dip as both a dip and frequency variation. A flagged measurement indicates that the aggregated value might be unreliable.

Flagging is only triggered by supply voltage dips, swells and interruptions.

Flagging applies to Class A and Class S devices during the measurement of:

  • Power frequency.

  • Magnitude of the supply voltage.

  • Flicker.

  • Supply voltage unbalance.

  • Voltage harmonics.

  • Voltage interharmonics.

  • Mains signalling.

  • Underdeviation and overdeviation.

NOTE: 4-30 flagging is disabled while the meter is powered down. If the meter is powered down, all flagged measurements and corresponding aggregated values for the active 4-30 reporting interval will be lost.
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