Spacial™, Thalassa™

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Spacial™ Steel Enclosures

Metal enclosures and boxes

From our small boxes to large modular floor-standing enclosures, with the Spacial range you can find the optimal fit for your applications. Our extensive range of easy-to-use accessories helps you save time during your projects.

Select between steel or stainless steel to better suit the installation environment. In our stainless-steel offer you can find the optimal solution where cleanliness or protection in highly corrosive environments are required.

Steel: Indoor non-clean industrial environment

The environment in industrial plants can subject electric and electronic components to dust, splashing oil, and impacts. Such environments require a range of enclosures that are suited to harsh conditions yet are easy to install.

  • Universal range, for industry.

  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) range, against electromagnetic disturbances (treated with Aluzinc).

304L - 316L stainless steel: Demanding industrial environment

Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and infrastructure industries have particularly demanding hygiene and corrosion resistance requirements. Our Spacial range is available in two grades of stainless steel:

  • 304L stainless steel, for resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning (often used in food production environments).

  • 316L stainless steel, also known as "marine stainless steel," for very high resistance to corrosion (used in saline or chlorinated environments).

  • Range of ATEX enclosures, for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Product family names:

Spacial S3DC: Steel wall-mounting enclosures
Spacial SM: Compact metal enclosures
Spacial SF: Modular metal enclosures
Spacial S3X: Stainless-steel wall-mounting enclosures
Spacial SMX: Stainless-steel monobloc floor-standing enclosures
Spacial SFX: Stainless-steel modular enclosures

Thalassa™ Polyester Enclosures

Insulated enclosures and boxes

Without the right protection, harsh environments can expose your installation to chemicals or other substances.

Developed to help protect your equipment in outdoor applications or harsh conditions, our Thalassa offer ranges from boxes to floor-standing enclosures made from fiberglass reinforced polyester.

Our Thalassa industrial boxes in ABS or polycarbonate are strong, easy to install, and designed to be used in highly demanding environments.

Insulating polyester and plastic materials (ABS, polycarbonate): Outdoor infrastructures and severe industrial environments

Outdoor infrastructures and electrical installations are exposed to direct sunlight, rain, saline mist, extreme temperatures, oil splashes, chemical and corrosive agents, and are in contact with the public.

  • Universal range, for industry.

  • Range of ATEX enclosures, for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Product family names:

Thalassa PLM: Polyester wall-mounting enclosures
Thalassa PLA: Polyester floor-standing enclosures

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