DUG_Iconic Connected Twin 10 A Socket_CLP-00

Example of an automation

This demonstration shows you how to create an automation to turn on the cooler connected to left iconic socket when the temperature is above 32 º C.
  1. Go to Automation > + to create an automation.
  2. Tap Edit name, enter the name of the automation and tap Save.
    TIP: You can choose the cover image that represents your automation by tapping .
  3. Tap Add Condition > When device status changes > Temperature Humidity Sensor > Current Temperature.
  4. Set the temperature to 32 º C (A) and select greater then (>) (B), then tap Next.
  5. Tap Add task > Run the device > Iconic Socket > Left Socket > On > Save > Next.
  6. In the Automation Settings page, tap Save.
    Once the automation is saved, it is visible on the Automation tab. You can tap the toggle switch on the automation to enable/disable it.
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