DLMS time synchronization

This implementation of DLMS time synchronization uses the SET service to write a new value for attribute 2 (time) on the Clock object.

Meter configuration

For time synchronization using DLMS, you need to configure the meter to receive time sync signals on the communications port you are using for DLMS communications. Use ION Setup to set the Time Sync Source to the port used for DLMS. See your meter’s user manual for more information.

To set the time on the meter, an Application Association (AA) that supports the SET service must first be established. The client software can then issue a time sync by sending a SET request for attribute 2 on the Clock object.

The type of attribute is date_time. This attribute defines a number of values for each field. This implementation supports all of the “not specified” values. A field will not change if a value is not specified.

The following is not supported:

  • dayOfWeek (field is ignored).

The following special values are interpreted as invalid:

  • month field settings of 0xFD (DST end month) and 0xFE (DST begin month)

  • dayOfMonth field settings of 0xFD (2nd last day) and 0xFE (last day)

This implementation performs a check of ranges on each field. The time synchronization will fail if any field is outside of the valid range.

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