The ION meter and DLMS communications

ION9000, ION8650, ION7400 and ION8800 DLMS-enabled meters come preconfigured with frameworks that allow the meter to provide selected values to a DLMS master.

The values available by default are outlined in “Default COSEM objects”.

ION architecture and DLMS

The modules used in the ION meter implementation are:

  • Factory module

  • Clock module

  • Event Log Controller module

  • Data Recorder modules

  • DLMS Log Export module

See the ION Reference for detailed information on module settings and operation.

NOTE: Changing these modules and any of their inputs from the default template is an advanced setup procedure that requires an understanding of the protocol and your meter’s internal operations.

Recording interval

The value of the Profile Generic attribute for recording interval (attribute 4) is determined by the Record input of the Data Recorder linked to the DLMS Log Export module:

  • If the Record input is linked to a Periodic Timer module, the value of the Period setup register for that Periodic Timer module is reported as the recording interval for attribute 4.

  • If the Record input is not linked to a Periodic Timer module, the recording interval is reported as 0.

Configuring meter communications

You need to configure the meter’s communication settings before you can access values using DLMS master software.

Use the front panel or ION Setup to set the Protocol for the communication port you want to use to DLMS.

See your meter’s user manual for detailed instructions on configuring communications.

NOTE: DLMS over Ethernet can be enabled and disabled using ION Setup.
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