Changing the data exported to DLMS client software

You can configure your meter to export the values from its Data Recorder modules to DLMS client software.

To do this, you need to map the applicable Data Recorder to a DLMS Log Export module and configure that module’s setup registers with the appropriate OBIS codes.

NOTE: Changing these modules and any of their inputs from the default template is an advanced setup procedure that requires an understanding of the protocol and your meter’s internal operations.
  1. Start ION Setup and open your meter in Advanced mode. See the online ION Setup help for more information.
  2. Navigate to the DLMS Log Export Module Modules folder.
  3. Create a new module or edit an existing module. Double-click the module to edit its configuration.
  4. Select the Inputs tab to link the module to a Data Recorder module.
  5. Select the input and double-click (or click Edit).
  6. Navigate to the Data Recorder module that you want to link to the DLMS Log Export module, select the associated data log, and click OK.
    NOTE: You can link a Data Recorder module to multiple DLMS Log Export modules but you can only link each DLMS Log Export module to one Data Recorder module.
  7. Select the Setup Registers tab and double-click a register to edit it.
    Setup register Description

    Profile Generic OBIS

    Enter the Profile Generic OBIS code you want to assign to the values associated with the module.

    Status Register

    Setting this register to enabled includes the status field in the Profile Generic object. 

    If the Record input of the associated Data Recorder module is linked to a Periodic Timer, the status of the DLMS Log Export module is updated at that recording interval. If the Data Recorder Record input is not linked to a Periodic Timer, the value of the status register is 0xFFFF.

    For information on the Status register attribute bitmap, see “Status capture object bitmap”. 

    OBIS Code Source 1 – OBIS Code Source 16

    Enter the register attribute OBIS codes for each input of the linked Data Recorder module that you want to export.

    Each OBIS Code Source setup register maps to the equivalent input register of the linked Data Recorder module. If you do not want to export a particular value, enter none for that OBIS Code Source setup register (this is the default value for a newly created DLMS Log Export module).

  8. Click Send to save your changes to the meter. Use your DLMS client software to validate that you are receiving the expected values.


You have a Data Recorder module with its source inputs linked as follows:

Data Recorder module inputs

Source 1

kWh del

Source 2

kWh rec

Source 3

kWh del-rec

Source 4

kVARh del

Source 5

kVARh rec

Source 6

KVAR del-rec

Source 7 - 16



Linked to a Periodic Timer module

You want to export the kWh values as one Profile Generic object and the kVARh values as another Profile Generic object. To do this, link the Data Recorder module’s Data Log output to 2 DLMS Log Export modules and configure the setup registers for those modules as follows:

DLMS Log Export modules
Setup registers Module 1 Module 2

Profile Generic OBIS



OBIS Code Source 1



OBIS Code Source 2



OBIS Code Source 3



OBIS Code Source 4



OBIS Code Source 5



OBIS Code Source 6



OBIS Code Source 7 - 16



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