Procedure for Updating Link150 Firmware


The following prerequisites are required for updating the firmware:

  • Modbus TCP interface should be enabled

  • Modbus TCP server port number should be 502

  • FTP should be enabled for device with firmware version ≤ 005.001.015

Firmware Update Procedure

  • The Link150 gateway must be continuously powered during the firmware update.
  • The connection with the Link150 gateway must be uninterrupted during the firmware update.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.

Once the firmware update starts, all the options in the window will be disabled until the firmware update process is completed. The device status is automatically updated. Depending on the initial firmware version of a gateway, the firmware update process can last from 5 to 15 minutes.

Follow the procedure to update the firmware of the Link150 gateway:




Double-click the Link150fwupgradetool.exe file to open the Link150 Firmware Upgrade Tool.

NOTE: The Link150 Firmware Upgrade Tool is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 10 and later.


Click icon to select the firmware version for update.

This action can also be done through Tools > Select Firmware.


Select the file and click OK. The in the zip file name refers to the latest firmware version.

NOTE: The file can be downloaded from


Click icon to select the .csv file.

This action can also be done through File > Open.

NOTE: The tool will load the data retrieved from all units:
  • Current firmware versions

  • Device status


Ensure that the required devices are selected and then click icon to start the firmware update of the gateway(s).

A safety message is displayed. Read the message and click I UNDERSTAND to continue.

This action can also be done through Tools > Upload Firmware.

NOTE: When the firmware update is completed, a new device version is displayed in the Exploit Version column.


Select the devices to verify the firmware consistency with the latest firmware version available.


Click icon to start the verification.

This action can also be done through Tools > Check FW Consistency.

NOTE: The recommendation as per device firmware information is available in the Status column .


Click icon to save the firmware update logs of selected devices.


Click icon to export the firmware update result.

Upgrade Status Error Messages

Status Message Description

Invalid device IP format

Device IP mentioned in .csv file is not in standard IP format.

Device connection failed

  • Application could not connect to device while retrieving device information.

  • Any connection exception occurred from the device.

Get device info operation failed

Any exception occurred while retrieving the device information.

Device is not communicating

Application is not able to read current device exploit version.

Upgrade not allowed

Device version is greater than target firmware version.

Device firmware version not supported

Target firmware version is not supported by the application.

Firmware upload failed

Any error occurred during HTTP or FTP file transfer.

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