QED-2 (UL Listed)

Classes 2741, 2742 / Refer to Catalog 2700CT1101

Power-Style QED-2 Switchboards (UL Listed)

Shown is 2000 A, QED-2 Switchboard
with 63 in. of Branch Circuit Breaker
Mounting Height Available

For solutions that bring people, products, and information together, Square D™ brand Power-Style QED-2 low voltage switchboards from Schneider Electric are built to last and feature design innovations that make these products easier to install and maintain. Supported by one of the largest distributor, sales, and service organizations in the industry, QED-2 switchboards are readily available to meet the needs of contractors, consultants, and end-users.

Q = Quality—Built to Last

As one of the most trusted names in electrical distribution, Square D™ brand QED-2 switchboards are designed with the highest standards of quality. From sturdy frames, securely fastened thread-forming screws, and standard bolted, base channels, users will see the difference during installation, operation, maintenance, and expansion projects.

E = Efficient and Innovative Designs

In 2010, Schneider Electric launched QED-2, Series 2 switchboard designs. Series 2 designs represent the next generation of our QED-2 switchboard offering, with new features based on extensive customer feedback. From improved branch neutral and ground bar access, to enhanced instrument compartments, Series 2 designs provide easier access for performing equipment installation and maintenance procedures.

QED-2 switchboards feature Schneider Electric's unique I-Line™ plug-on connections in group-mounted construction. With the I-Line design, a screwdriver is the only tool required to firmly ratchet the line end of a molded-case circuit breaker directly onto the I-Line bus assembly. This plug-on design allows quick installation and mounting flexibility of circuit breakers up to 1200 A.

D = Delivery—Ready When You Are

To meet tight project schedules and budgets, our Square D™ brand QED-2 switchboard offering brings together standard designs for the most frequently requested ratings and options, providing immediate pricing for quick shipments from 11 to 30 business days.



A single-row, I-Line distribution section is shown on the right side of the switchboard photo above, while a double-row, I-Line distribution section is shown in the drawing below.

  • QED-2 Switchboards are designed, listed, and built to UL 891

  • Several tiered EcoStruxure communication offers available

  • Switchboard ratings through 6000 A, 200 kA; higher amperages available

  • Front accessible load connections

  • Front and rear alignment standard

  • Cable, busway, transformer, or remote QED switchboard incoming fed

  • Hot or cold sequence utility metering

  • MasterPact MTZ advanced communication stored energy circuit breaker—available in fixed or drawout for individually mounted mains or feeders

  • Thermal-magnetic, PowerPact™ electronic, or MasterPact™ NW stored energy fixed or drawout circuit breakers used as mains and feeders

  • Group-mounted circuit breaker and fusible switch mains and feeders

  • Fixed-mounted fusible switch mains and feeders

  • Powerlogic customer metering, including option for custom communications capability and interwiring

  • Networked communications capabilities provide direct access to energy management at main and feeder level

  • Internally-mounted Surgelogic™ surge protective devices

  • Quick Connect Generator option available

  • Available in mid-2019: Expanded stacked breaker designs to optimize overall layout

  • Main devices in six sub-division or single main configurations

  • Main and branch devices in single section configuration

  • Multiple individual devices in single section configurations

  • Custom engineering, including main-tie-mains, multiple sets of thru-bus, reduced heights, and engineered houses

Additional Information:
See Digest Section 9 “Sub-feed Lug Kit Mounting Space Requirement” for circuit breaker mounting height requirements.
Where Utility compartments are required, contact your local Schneider Electric representative.

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