QED-6 (UL Listed)

Class 2746 / Refer to Catalog 2746CT0101

Power-Style QED-6 Switchboards (UL Listed)

MasterPact™ MTZ, NW, NT, and PowerPact™ H and J Circuit Breakers

QED-6 Switchboard with
MasterPact MTZ Circuit Breakers
(Class 2746)

QED-6 Switchboard with MasterPact NW/NT and
Powerpact H/J Circuit Breakers
(Class 2746)

The QED-6 switchboard is designed to provide excellent distribution, protection, and power quality management in commercial electrical equipment. The circuit protection components of the switchboard are the MasterPact MTZ2, MTZ3 or NW circuit breakers in 800–6000 A frame sizes, MasterPact MTZ1 or NT circuit breakers in 800–1200 A frame sizes, and PowerPact H and J circuit breakers in 150–250 A frame sizes. These circuit breakers deliver maximum system uptime, system selectivity, ease of maintenance, and reliable circuit protection.

QED-6 switchboard features include: MasterPact MTZ2, MTZ3 or NW UL 489 Listed circuit breakers for main and feeder devices, MasterPact MTZ1 or NT UL 489 Listed circuit breakers for feeder devices, PowerPact H and J UL 489 Listed circuit breakers for feeder devices, and a wide range of designs and options. Highly flexible drawout circuit breakers can meet a wide variety of power distribution requirements. Choices include drawout construction in PowerPact H and J circuit breakers, and optional prepared drawout spaces that are equipped with all specified control functions. This capability allows quick additions for load upgrades.

  • QED-6 switchboards are designed, listed, and built to UL 891; MasterPact and PowerPact circuit breakers are designed, listed, and built to UL 489

  • Circuit breakers are individually mounted, rear connected; MasterPact MTZ, NW and NT circuit breakers are drawout; PowerPact H and J breakers are drawout

  • Family of field installable and upgradeable MicroLogic™ trip units with optional EcoStruxure Power™ data communications features

  • Switchboard ratings up to 150 kA short-circuit current rating for services 1600–6000 A at 480 V and 100 kA at 600 V

  • Up to (12) 250 A PowerPact H and J circuit breakers in a single 30-inch wide section

  • Up to (8) 1200 A frame MasterPact MTZ1/NT circuit breakers in a single 30-inch wide section

  • Flexible branch circuit breaker locations: MasterPact and PowerPact circuit breakers can be mixed in a single 30-inch wide section (15–2000 A)

  • Compartmentalization: separate compartments for circuit breakers, bussing, and load cabling

  • Available in 54-, 60-, 72-, and 80-inch deep construction

  • Available in NEMA 3R outdoor walk-in enclosures

  • Mixing of MTZ and NW/NT circuit breakers are not offered in factory configured sections but can be field retrofitted as such

  • MasterPact and PowerPact circuit breakers are field maintainable

Circuit Breaker Selection

Rating (A) (Frame)

Circuit Breakers


PowerPact H, J


MasterPact MTZ1/NT


MasterPact MTZ2, 3/NW

QED-6 switchboards are reliable power protection equipment when working with telecommunication facilities, e-business servers, or mainframes that perform critical business transactions. These types of facilities cannot afford downtime.

QED-6 rear-connected switchboards are designed as standalone switchboards or as an integral part of the low voltage equipment lineup in a user’s power unit substation.

Specify QED-6 Switchboards

When drawout construction is required for quick circuit breaker changeout; system requirements call for circuit breakers to close within five cycles; stored energy circuit breakers are required; front access to control wires is desired; ease of installation, maintenance, and upgrade of circuit breaker compartmentalization is required; system integrity and segregation of circuit breaker compartments from bus and cable compartments is required; equipment isolation is required.

Benefits/Values of Circuit Breaker Performance

MasterPact MTZ, NW and NT circuit breakers are designed to provide maximum protection and reliable operation with a long service life. They exceed all UL 489 endurance testing requirements and are certified to a minimum of 10,000 operations through the 3000 A frame.

System Coordination

Short-time ratings are high, giving users excellent system coordination and selectivity with downstream breakers.

High Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR)

Up to 200 k AIR at 240 V, 150 k AIR at 480 V, and 100 k AIR at 600 V, which allows customers to design systems with high fault current and paralleling schemes.

Arc Flash Limiting (LF) Feeder Breakers

High speed operation of MasterPact MTZ, NW and NT circuit breakers (150 k AIR at 480 V) helps reduce arc flash incident energy (cal/cm2) on downstream equipment.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Thru-the-door construction, an easy to operate drawout mechanism, and front access to all control wiring make this equipment easy to install, maintain, and upgrade. Load connections in the cable compartment are easily accessible in the rear of the switchboard. Remote racking of the MasterPact circuit breaker is also available with the optional remote racking tool, which, if required, is field installable.

Ability to Upgrade

UL Listed, field-installable accessories include: motor operators, shunt trips, under voltage devices, trip units, and communication modules for trip units. Manually operated circuit breakers are field convertible to electrical operation.

Open Communication System

The MicroLogic trip units in MasterPact circuit breakers use the Ethernet TCP/IP or Modbus™ serial protocol. These are widely accepted protocols which allow QED-6 to be integrated into new or many existing communication systems.


Drawout circuit breakers, front access control wiring, and expandable lineups are quickly adaptable to changing load and control requirements.


MasterPact circuit breakers have many control termination points, giving the equipment extensive flexibility and expandability for sophisticated control schemes.

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