DUG_Wiser Plug_WH-05

LED indications

Normal use

User Action

LED indication


Plug into wall socket (not joined to the Wiser Hub)

1 red flash followed by 3 purple/ red flashes followed by 2 blue flashes.

Plug into wall socket (joined to the Wiser Hub)

The red flash followed by solid purple for 1 second followed by solid blue for 1 second.

Press ON/OFF button

Solid blue

Socket ON

Press ON/OFF button


Socket OFF

Press and hold ON/OFF button for 2 seconds

Quick blue flashes. If the Plug successfully joins the Hub, the LED stops flashing. If the Plug fails to join the Hub, after 60 seconds, the quick blue flashes are followed by 6 slow flashes.

Pairing Plug to the Wiser Hub

Press ON/OFF button

Quick blue flashes followed by 6 slow blue flashes.

Pairing mode interruption

Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 5 s.

6 slow blue flashes.

Reset the Plug and return to factory settings

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