Surge Protection

NQ Main Circuit Breaker Interior with SurgeLoc SPD

Square D™ brand SurgeLoc™ Surge Protective Device (SPD) delivers specification grade performance for service entrance or critical branch panel applications. The SurgeLoc™ SPD product utilizes a high-energy suppression circuit that provides 6–10 modes of suppression from 80,000 to 240,000 peak Amps of surge current rating per phase.* These devices feature circuity that provides not only transient surge suppression, but also noise filtration. More detailed information can be found in SurgeLoc™ Brochure1300BR1302.

Surge Protection Ratings

NQ SurgeLoc Voltage Specifications Voltage Protection Rating (VPR)
Service Voltage L–N L–G N–G L–L MCOV*
120/240 Vac, 1-phase 700 700 600 1000 150
208Y/120 Vac, 3-phase, 4-wire 700 700 600 1000 150
240/120 Vac, 3-phase, high-leg delta 800 800 700 1200 150

Select a 30 A circuit breaker if a SPD Disconnect is desired (2–pole) breaker for single phase interiors, or 3–pole breaker for three phase interiors.

Design Features

  • Individually fused suppression modules.

  • Thermal cutout.

  • Inline, copper bus bar connection.

  • Solid state bi-directional.

  • Push-to-Test on-line diagnostic display.

  • Audible alarm with enable/disable switch.

  • LED indicators indicate loss of protection, or fully-operational circuit.

  • High-energy parallel design for IEEE C62.41 category A, B, and C3 applications.

  • Available in main circuit breaker and main lug only panelboards with sub-feed circuit breakers, feed-through lugs, or sub-feed lugs.

  • AC tracking filter with EMI/RFI filtering up to -30 dB from 100 kHz to 100 MHz.

  • Dry Contacts provide remote indication of the SPD device’s operating status to a computer interface board or emergency management system.

Surge Protection Options

Option Description
Surge Counter Displays the combined total number of transient voltage surges detected from L–G, L–L, L–N, and N–G since the counter was last reset.
Remote Monitor Displays the alarm status of the surge protective device up to 1,000 ft
(305 m) away from the unit. This option uses the dry contacts.
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