Catalog Number Description

Heavy Duty Switch Catalog Number Description

Number Segment Character Description H 3 2 1 N RB
Type of Switch Fusible H = Heavy duty              
Non-Fusible HU = Heavy duty              
Blades – Switched Poles 2 Two-poles              
3 Three-poles              
4 Four-poles              
6 Six-poles              
Voltage Rating 2 240 Vac / 250 Vdc Maximum              
6 600 Vac / 600 Vdc Maximum              
Ampere Rating 1 30 A              
2 60 A              
3 100 A              
4 200 A              
5 400 A              
6 600 A              
7 800 A              
8 1200 A              
Neutral N Factory-installed neutral (neutrals are field-installable on most heavy duty safety switches).              
Enclosure No suffix NEMA Type 1              
A NEMA Type 12K              
AWK NEMA Type 12 (without Knock Outs)              
DF NEMA Type 4X Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester              
DS NEMA Type 4, 4X, and 5 (NEMA Type 304 stainless steel)              
DX NEMA Type 4X KrydonTM Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester              
R NEMA Type 3R              
RB NEMA Type 3R (with bolt-on hub provision)              
SS NEMA Type 4, 4X, and 5 (NEMA Type 316 stainless steel)              
See Table 21 on page 24 NEMA Type 7 / 9 (Cast aluminum)              
Factory Modifications CLR Class R fuse kit (Rejects all but Class R fuses)              
EI or EI2 Electrical interlock kit (EI = 1 NO / 1 NC contacts. EI2 = 2 NO / 2 NC contacts)              
GL Equipment ground lugs*              
LI, SI, or LI2 Voltage indicators*              
KI, KI2 or KIKI Key interlocks*              
LK Compression lugs (Heavy Duty 800 A and 1200 A only)              
LOG* Lock-Off Guard              
NP Phenolic legend plate. Customer must provide legend text.              
PB(xx) Push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches. The customer must provide the catalog number of the control device to be installed (contact Schneider Electric for the complete catalog number).  
SLC Copper lugs (30–600 A)              
SP(xx) Special paint colors (For suffix xx see Table 40 on page 39)              
SPLO Lock-on provision              
VW Viewing window              
WA Appleton™interlocked receptacle              
WC Crouse-Hinds Arktite™interlocked receptacle              
WH Hubbellock™ interlocked receptacle              
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